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Event prices will depend on the nature of the event, so please get in touch if you are involved in organising one. 


  • Sports & remedial massage

    Sports & remedial massage

    £ 30 Per 30 mins
    £ 49 Per Hour

    1st session includes a 15 mins consultation to assess posture / joint movements / background / lifestyle / causes of ailments / pain, to form a picture for best treatment outcomes.

  • Pre/post-event sports massage

    Pre/post-event sports massage

    £ 49 Per Hour

    On an event day it is important to have warm elongated muscles to prevent injury during the event and stiffness once you are complete. It is a great way to help prevent both to get either a 15 minute treatment before you start and 45 minutes once you have finished.

  • Back / Neck / Shoulders

    Back / Neck / Shoulders

    £ 30 Per 30 mins

    If you suffer like the majority of the population with postural issues, you have rounded shoulder due to you working on a computer or you drive a lot, you will get benefit from a back / neck and shoulder massage to help relax the bottom of you back, up to your shoulders and into your neck and head.

  • Pregnancy Massage

    Pregnancy Massage

    £ 45 Per 45 mins

    Massage is a wonderful way to help relax the mind as well as the body. Pregnancy massage is a wonderful way to help relax during the second and third trimester when sometimes your just can’t get comfortable.

  • Indian Head Massage

    Indian Head Massage

    £ 45 Per 45 mins

    Helps to relieve tensions that build in the head/scalp, face and neck, it includes massaging into the shoulders and upper arms. It is a wonderful relaxing massage that is usually conducted with oil that is beneficial for the skin and hair, but also promotes hair follicle stimulation and sinus unblocking, that could be a cause of headaches.
    It can also be beneficial for those who suffer migraines as the treatment includes stretching of the Sternocleidomastoid and the Mastoid Process where tension is held.

  • Stone therapy massage

    Stone therapy massage

    £ 50 Per Hour

    The benefits of hot stones is warming the muscles quickly to promotes a deeper muscle relaxation, helping to reduce tension and increase circulation. A wonderful slow, relaxing treatment.

  • Warm bamboo massage

    Warm bamboo massage

    £ 50 Per Hour

    This is a deep tissue stretching treatment of the muscles. The warmth of the bamboo helps the muscles to relax as they are being manipulated.

  • Taping


    £ 15 Per 15 mins

    Taping is beneficial not only for postural issues, but for small ailments that need added support during your training regime.



    £ 35 Per 45 mins

    Includes 15 minute consultation (please state this offer when booking) & £5 off your next 60 minute treatment (used within 1 month of first appointment, not to be used with any other offers.)

At home treatments within 5 miles are available with a £5 surcharge.

Gift vouchers can be purchased – Please ask for details

Cancellations made within 24 hours of the appointment start time will constitute a Late Cancellation. All Late Cancellations will be charged at the full rate.