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Full body massage to a light back / shoulder / head massage



Hot and cold stones to warm the muscles quickly and melt tension,



Based on the ayurvedic system of healing which has been practiced in India for over a thousand years.


Holistic Therapies

Shūri massage Chesham provides more than clinical sports massage and soft tissue therapy, I continues


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I hold a BTEC Level 5 Diploma from the Oxford School of Sports Massage in



Shūri massage Chesham provides clinical sports massage and soft tissue therapy for all – it can be beneficial whether you are active or not, to address ongoing pain, discomfort whether from chronic conditions, life or sport! I now offer pregnancy massage in Chesham too and a holistic treatment of Indian Head Massage.

Massage is ideal for everyone who’s lifestyle is demanding and exhausting, it helps to alleviate the stresses, strains and tension which build up in the body’s soft tissues, during any physical exertion. Our life styles are becoming more sedentary, sitting to commute, then behind a computer all day or drive vast distances for work or play. This sitting posture allows our bodies time to adapt, muscles that should be long become short and in turn tight, which can result in postural change & imbalance, hence tension builds up causes pain.

No matter what aches you have or the age you are – massage can benefit you and your mobility as muscle imbalances can cause joint dysfunction.  Soft tissue therapy combinations differs from person to person, but helps all break the dysfunction cycle.  Some conditions are best helped with a combination of massage and rehabilitation such as stretches, mobilisations, strengthening and balancing.  Tension / pain is easily detected through massage, this tension can lead to weakness and future injury which clinical sports massage techniques can minimise. 


  • Achy Muscles – reduces stress built up from work, play, injury, illness, post-op.
  • Back & Shoulder pain – usually posture / stress related
  • Tension headaches – often caused by muscular tension.
  • Posture issues – life-long behaviours, computer / driving postures.
  • Sciatica – nerve impingement often results from muscle spasms & posture. 
  • Digestive problems – a gentle massage across the abdomen can help restore gut function
  • Increasing joint mobility / release muscle tension
  • Sports injury rehabilitation
  • Injury prevention
  • Event preparation and recovery
  • Aids lymphatic drainage / Improves circulation – particularly at injury sites 
  • Dynamic stretching – aids all the above
  • Most importantly provides relaxation for the body & mind.


Sports massage is deep manipulation of soft tissue utilising many techniques, which give benefit and enhance muscle performance and their physical recovery. It is one of the deepest and most effective forms of injury prevention and treatment.

  • Deep tissue massage utilises pressure on target areas to relieve muscle tension, 
  • Deep friction massage is used for specific area especially during chronic stages of repair, 
  • Soft tissue release is a wonderful technique to over stretch tight muscles, aiding joint mobility
  • Cross-fibre massage goes converse to the muscle to release “sticky” muscles, 
  • Trigger point or neuro-muscular technique locates the tiniest nodules within a muscle fibre, to release them, which can be the cause of referred pain to adjacent regions.
  • Muscle energy techniques utilise the body itself to create the stretch. 
  • Pre event massage can help enhance performance and promote recovery.  The quick invigorating massage warms the muscles on the day and stimulates blood flow prior to event, it also helps physiological & psychological preparation, alternatively a massage 3-4 days before works to improve elasticity, removing waste from training, encourages blood flow.
  • Post event massage is a slower massage to facilitate the start of healing of minor muscle / tendon / ligament damage from the event.  It aids waste removal of lactic acid that has built up during the event and ensures continued flexibility between events. It also reduces the effect of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).
  • Advice / referrals during treatment, will help you achieve optimum performance out of your muscles.
  • Remedial massage is deep manipulation of the soft and connective tissues, enabling the body & mind to de-stress & relax. This can lead to further relief of acute / chronic muscular pain, assist joint mobility & increase circulation.
  • Taping has been clinically shown to help with the natural response of inflammation as a result of injury. The application of kinesiology taping helps to alleviate pain whilst facilitating lymphatic drainage. When applied correctly, the tape lifts the skin and encourages the flow of blood to the injured area, thus promoting healing and the reduction of pain and swelling.

Many people, not just those training for competition, have regular sports massage as part of their general health management, training and recovery. Massage can also increase body-awareness which itself helps prevent future injury.